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A Breath of Fresh Air!

Now that spring has sprung, it's time to soak up the sunshine and stop and smell all the fresh blooms! What better way to do that, than in some comfy, stylish athleisure wear!

A hybrid of workout clothes and loungewear, athleisure apparel is extremely versatile. It's meant to stretch far beyond the boundaries of the gym or the couch. It can carry you through your entire day! Whether you're planning the perfect workout, the coziest day at home, or lunch out on your favorite restaurant patio, these wardrobe essentials have got you covered!

These easy-breezy pieces have become our new go-to here at Hips! The pandemic may have increased this trend's popularity, but we think this ultimate expression of "relaxed fashion" is here to stay!

So, why not check out our selection of athleisure wear, and head out on your own LEISURELY journey?! Below are a few of our favorites!💜


The Hips Crew


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