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Getting Dressed Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

It's easy. It's breezy. It's, no, not's the SHIRT DRESS!!! The effortless answer to the irritating question of what the heck to wear on those days when you can hardly be bothered to get dressed at all!


These days, we know how priceless it is to have pieces in our wardrobe that don't require putting any extra thought or energy into wearing them! We want hassle-free style with maximum casual-comfort! Enter the shirt dress! It combines the simplicity of "just throw it on and go," with the polished, put-together appearance of a much more complex outfit!


Not only is the shirt dress a fantastic option for staying cool in warmer temps (the looser silhouette offers great breathability), it's also amazingly versatile! The ability to layer both under and over a shirt dress, not only lends itself to all-season-wear, but also allows you to play around with a ton of different looks!


With so many options out there, the styling opportunities are endless! A shirt dress can be perfect for a trip to the office or a zoom meeting, as well as a trip to the beach or lunch with the girls!


The fabric, neckline, length and fit of a shirt dress creates vastly different looks. For example, choosing an all cotton t-shirt dress, or one with a looser fit, v-neck and short hem, is a great way to create a playful, casual look. Pair it with some cute tennis shoes. Try wearing a longer, perhaps linen, belted shirt dress with a dramatic collar & some strappy heels, for a dressier look. Another option is wearing your shirt dress as a top, over pants, for a trendy, work-appropriate look.


For button-down styles, wear as-is, or wear it open over your favorite swimsuit as a cover-up, or over a tank and shorts as a fun duster! Simply throw on a shrug, or wear a long sleeve top under a sleeveless style, for those rainy days and chilly evenings.


Bottom line, shirt dresses are EASY AND STYLISH. What more could you ask for? That is, besides where can I get one? Funny you should ask!😘

Check out these adorable options, and more, in our online store!


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