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Let There Be Shackets!!!

Spring is coming.....LET THERE BE SHACKETS!!!

Shacket (fashionable noun): A slightly oversized shirt/jacket hybrid

A.K.A. "Jirt" to our Hips LIVE SALE gals! Hee, hee!

Shackets are all the rave right now and rightly so! Not only are they incredibly versatile, they are just so darn cute, too! This will be your new wardrobe staple ~ an easy, effortless piece that will help you transition through ALL SEASONS!

Thicker than an average shirt, but thinner than a heavy jacket, shackets are perfect for layering, and will get you from one season to the next with ease! Wear them over turtlenecks and sweaters, and under overcoats, during cold months, and over a mini-dress, or a lightweight tee and crops, during warm months. Pair a shacket with your favorite jeans any time of year!

Whether you prefer long or cropped, denim or wool, quilted or belted (or frankly, all of the above!), this wardrobe essential is made for EVERYONE! Wear it open for a more casual look, or closed for a more polished style. Either way, it will be your new go-to piece!

So, to all our lovely Hips Ladies already on board with this trend, BRING US YOUR PRE-LOVED SHACKETS, so we can share them with the world!!! And to those of you looking to start, or update, your shacket wardrobe, keep up with our new weekly finds, as our search for YOUR perfect shacket (or JIRT!) continues!!!

**BONUS TIP: In spring and summer, style your favorite button-ups as lightweight shackets!! It's a great way to get the "shacket-look" at an afforadble price, and a fun way to get in on the trend! Here at Hips, we've got you covered for all your layering needs! Check out the links to the looks below!

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