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Meet your Hips Team Members!

We miss our customers so much and are excited to be able to open the store again, but in the meantime we want to share a little bit about the ladies that work at Hips that you see every time you visit. Sound off in the comments with a little bit about yourself- we love learning about our lovely customers also!


Vikki- Owner

I am a born & raised Michigander. Grew up in Allen Park, graduated from Wayne State, love animals, my family, yoga, the environment and my flexible lifestyle. I’ve wore many hats: veterinarian technician, waitress, media buyer, and currently the proud owner of Hips Resale. I opened this boutique to give women a judgement free place to enjoy shopping resale no matter their size. I love making a difference in  people lives. It truly fulfills me to witness a women gain confidence though what we offer. Sustainable affordable fashions for women with curves. Its been just over 9 years since I opened Hips. I don’t know what the future holds, but I will be forever grateful for the friends and opportunities this small, kind, family like, fun, and exhausting shop brings to my life 



I've been working at Hips for a long time, and I've loved meeting new people and working with my amazing Hips family. I absolutely love helping people feel confident and happy, and I think that very woman deserves to love their body. I feel really lucky that I've met such great people while working at Hips, I can honestly say that I love my coworkers and my customers that come in to chat and shop with us. I've been going to school for a lot of the time i've worked for Hips, and as of May 2nd I'll finally be Alley Rhinehart R.N.! Though I'm leaving Hips soon to work at a local hospital, I'll always miss my time at Hips and I'll definitely be back to visit.



Hi! I'm Jen. If you're a long-time customer of Hips, then you probably know that I've been around since just about the beginning! A lot of our regulars know me from our eastside stores. Vikki and I go way back, to our days working in advertising. It didn't take long for her to become one of my favorite people. Here at Hips, our crew is a family, one that I am forever grateful for! A couple things I'm best known for amongst them are my UNENDING LOVE OF ANIMALS and ADORATION OF ALL THINGS TCHOTCHKE!!! I'm notorious for stashing amusing little trinkets everywhere, especially if they are animal-themed!! It's been such a pleasure getting to know all of our customers over the years, and meeting so many new smiling faces day to day! Whether by lending a hand to find that "perfect" piece they've been searching for (or new treasure that seems to have been magically made just for them!), or by simply lending a celebratory and sympathetic ear to the story of their day, helping our customers is a true joy! If I'm able to make someone's day a little easier or a little brighter, then I've happily done my job!

P.S. ~ I LOVE holidays, which is why my pic is from Halloween!!



Married 25 years this October! 

2 kids, 3 cats. 

Degree in fashion merchandising & a background in visual merchandising. 

Been working at Hips for over 5 years and love the family atmosphere, (I am the shop Mom) the fun fashions, the friendly customers and downtown Clawson! 

Working in resale has been my most favorite retail job of my 30 year career! 



Hi I'm Ali, not to be confused with Alley. I'm currently studying nursing, but fashion is a side hustle of mine. I’m very passionate when it comes to body positivity and empowerment. I love to keep up with the latest trends and help others find outfits that make them feel comfortable and confident in themselves. I’ve always been taught to love myself so its my goal to make others realize their beauty. Also small plug follow me on instagram @alihongisto to see some of my favorite looks!

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