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Our Online Store Is Launching February 3rd!


Happy Friday HIPSters!

Today on the HIPS blog we are talking and sharing all the information about our ONLINE STORE, which launches this February 3rd!

In todays post we are sharing more details about the online store and answering three commonly asked questions!


Q. What will be in the HIPS online store?

A. A curated selection of items from HIPS, specifically spring and resort/vacation ready pieces! Each season we will be offering a selection of items from within our store online! For our launch its spring pieces, in the fall it will be autumn and winter pieces etc...

Q. I live in near HIPS, can I shop online and in store?

A. YES, YES, YES! We are excited to offer a "in store pickup" option for the online shop! This will save you the shipping and give you access to both the online store and boutique!

Q. How are the items going to be displayed?

A. We have been working with our staff, and local women to share a variety of plus size bodies in the clothes being offered in our online shop! We are excited to work with more models in the future on our next curated collection!


Check out a sneak peek at a couple of pieces we are offering in our online store! Perfect for vacation and for SPRING!

Keep an eye out on FEBRUARY 3RD for the launch of the HIPS online store!

Shop the store right here at


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