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Pantone - Autumn 2021 / Winter 2022 at Hips!

Pantone, pantone, pantone! We hear that term a lot, especially when a new fashion season is approaching. Meaning "all colors," this term accompanies the freshest and hottest hues around, and helps shape endless wardrobes everywhere! Published for the fashion industry, the Pantone Color Institute issues a fashion color trend report for each season. This report signals the top colors we can expect to see from designers, and ultimately all around us.

Here at Hips, we already have many of the upcoming best and brightest shades for fall and winter in stock! We thought we'd give you a little heads up and show you a few of our favorite "Pantone" picks for the cooler weather that's around the corner.


Illuminating: Friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day.

Deemed a color of the year by Pantone Color Institute experts, this shade represents a bright optimism that is so needed in the world right now!

Check out this vibrant dress by H&M! Throw on a lightweight cardigan or shrug and you're ready for a fun night of fall festivities! Just click on the image to take a closer look.


Spring Lake: A quiet and restful midtone blue.

This shade of blue is so elegant & versatile! Check out this beauty by Adrianna Papell by clicking on the image below.


Adobe: A warm and supportive sundried clay.

This shade is such a classic representation of fall! It lends itself to so many different looks.

Check out this fantastic coat by CJ Banks! Just click on the image for further details.


These are just a few examples of the trending colors we have here at Hips! So much more awaits you in our online store! Hop on our website to discover all the latest "Pantone" trends!

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