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Shopping And Styling Handbags at HIPS


Spring is coming to HIPS and we are over the moon!

As the seasons start to change we thought it would be fun to share some handbags in the store and talk about different handbag silhouettes and how to wear them!

You can shop a variety of handbags, totes, and purses at HIPS!


Silhouette ONE

The Satchel

What is a satchel?

A structured bag that can be carried either with a top handle or crossbody straps. Satchels are well suited for carry books, laptops, work or school gear. Most satchels have a top zipper to secure your items within.

How to wear a satchel -

Because this style of bag is structured, satchels work best with work wear. They style easily with a slacks and a blazer, or a structured dress. Pair this style of handbag with dressier outfits for work meetings, conferences etc...

Shop this EXACT satchel in store with so many other work ready handbags!


Silhouette TWO

The Mini Bag

What is a Mini Bag?

Mini bags have become all the rage in the last couple of years! We love seeing trends evolve and are constantly getting these bags in store! A mini bag is exactly what the name describes, its a smaller version of larger handbag silhouettes. These bags are usually worn crossbody and will hold just the essentials, meaning your phone, lip gloss and a SMALL wallet.

How to wear a Mini Bag -

Style your mini bag two different ways, either super casual or ready to hit the town. Because these bags are SO SMALL they aren't well suited for work or for a person that needs to carry a lot. They style great with jeans and a tee, and also look so cute hanging on your hip with a LBD. Pack your phone, cash and lipstick and hit the town!

Shop this EXACT mini bag and so many more like it in store.


Silhouette THREE

The Tote

What is a Tote?

Ahh the wonderful tote bag. Your perfect companion for holding literally all the things. A tote bag is a large open topped bag that can hold a lot of items. Tote bags are a classic silhouette that has been imagined and reimagined a million different ways over the years. Tote bags are usually carried on the shoulder or in hand.

How to wear a Tote -

Tote bags come in a variety of styles and price points, but one thing about them remains the same. They are VERSATILE, depending on the tote you can wear with anything from work ready outfits to completely casual looks. We love seeing totes styled with boyfriend denim, a rock band tee and some aviators, as well as slacks and a pair of pumps! These wonderful bags will hold your laptop, heels and packed lunch if you need it!

Shop this EXACT tote as well as so many other fantastic styles in store!


Thank you so much for keeping up with the HIPS news, stop in and shop our fabulous handbag selection and make sure to wear your new handbag with CONFIDENCE!



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