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Small Business Saturday at HIPS


Small Business Saturday is coming right up THIS WEEKEND 9/30! And this year we are planning up a fun filled day of sales and shopping!

Read on to learn about our #smallbusinesssaturday sale and to learn more about the #shopsmall movement!



2019 is the ten year anniversary of the Shop Small movement and here at HIPS we are so happy to be able to participate!

Did you know?

For every dollar that you spend at a small business in your community 67 cents of that dollar stays IN THE COMMUNITY!

There are over 1,558 times more small businesses than large business in the United States.

In 2018 American consumers spent 18 BILLION dollars on Small Business Saturday


HIPS Resale Boutique and Small Business Saturday

At HIPS Resale Boutique alone your dollars have helped a college student pay for classes, sent kids to camp and fund a wedding. Thats JUST at HIPS!

Here at HIPS we celebrate our community and small business on Small Business Saturday. We leave the Black Friday deals to the box stores, and celebrate being small and being in the downtown Clawson community the following day.

We are so proud to be a part of the small business community in Metro Detroit, make sure to stop in and shop with us this #smallbusinesssaturday 9/30.

We hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and hope to see you out shopping small on Saturday 9/30!


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