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Summer is on its way!!!

Hello, Hipsters! We hope you and yours are staying safe & well! Can you believe Memorial Day is right around the corner? Even though many of us feel like the days are running together, becoming a kind of indistinguishable blur, the unofficial start to summer is upon us, and there's no reason we can't still have some fun with our fashion! Although this year the holiday weekend may not include the gatherings or travel you're used to, you can still don your favorite "hello summer" outfits and accessories to welcome the warm-weather season! After all, our outfits help enhance our mood, and some fresh, sunny vibes are a must-have right now!

So many of us connect the seasons with our favorite clothing, from fall's "sweater weather" to summer's "sandal season" - we look forward to when the time comes that we can wear them. Well, guess what? That time is NOW!! So, throw on that cute straw hat that you've been waiting to wear once the weather's nicer! Wear it to your quarantined backyard picnic! Show off those fantastic sandals that have been patiently hanging around in your closet! Envelop yourself in bright, vivid colors! Wear a pair of floral capris and make a statement, if only to your kids!! Hee, hee!😘 What we're getting at is, don't be afraid to feed your "fashion soul" in these unbelievably difficult times. It may be more of an effective pick-me-up than you think! And if you're looking for some new "welcome to summer" goodies to inspire you, browse our online store at There are lots of fun pieces to choose from, and we're always adding more!👗👙🕶👜👡👒 From all of us at Hips, here's to a safe, healthy & STYLIN' start to the summer!!!🌞💜

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