This is a beautiful t-shirt that instantly kicks any outfit up a notch without diving into fancy, uncomfy land. The front of the piece is a basic knit in a beautiful burgundy with a mesh band around the neckline. The sleeves are short but aren't cap-length, so they won't land right at sausage arm length (y'all know what I mean!), and they're knit all around. The back is where the fun is! (It's the mullet version of a t-shirt!!!!) The back is all satin in the same burgundy, and across the upper back (around the shoulder blades) is a tie you can use to gather a channel seam across the whole back portion. You can leave it wide or gather it in for some visual interest. The knit portion of the shirt does stretch, but the satin doesn't. Machine wash cold. 

Ava & Viv Satin BackT-shirt sz 2x