No, Regina, I won't stop trying to make fetch happen! You know why? Because these pants are fetch! They're also super comfortable and have tons of pockets in which to hide snacks or squirrel away leftovers from the holidays. Seriously, put some Ziploc bags in the leg pouches and there's good food storage there. The side pockets are just a distraction; the real paydirt is in the legs! Elastic waist and ankles, these have some serious dressy safari vibes with all the comfort of stretchy pants. Because while fashion is important, everyone knows the holidays are about the food. Holidays are all about the family. Right. But also the food. So get these pants!


(Also, the sweater in the image is available on the site. It's pretty Christmasy-looking, wouldn't you say?)

Fetch & Co Tencel Jogger Pants sz XL