Do you guys ever read the names of these things and wonder why some are detailed like this one and some just say "animal print top"? It's because the name here is whatever it is in our system, and we are a capricious, arbitrary bunch here at HIPS. So sometimes you get word salads like the above and sometimes they're succinct. Now you know. (And cue G.I. Joe...)


This is a great not-quite-basic top from the never basic Joan Rivers. It's a lovely rust color with no seaming other than those holding it together and some small darts at the underarm. It has minimal, if any, stretch, but is meant to fit loose and flowy. The best part is the sleeves, which are 3/4 length and bell out slightly, meaning the wrists will be loose. Along the outside of each sleeve is a beautiful lace pattern in a thick weave, so it isn't delicate. A great piece to take a casual outfit into something a notch above. Hand wash cold. 

Joan Rivers Lace Detail Long Sleeve Top sz 3x