This is a fabric purse designed to sit just under your arm or to be carried in your hand. It has an overall fleur-de-lis and scrollwork pattern in brown against black, along with leather and stud detailing in a silvery gold. Some of the leather details, mainly the banding laid both vertically and horizontally across, are sueded. On one side of the exterior are two pouches that close with buckles. On the other is a small pouch closed by a zipper with a heart-shaped metal dangle. Hanging from one arm/hand strap with a lobster claw are a series of dangling tchotchkes in fleur-de-lis and heart shapes. Inside the purse, the space is divided by a large zip pouch down the middle. On one side of the interior, which is lined in gold with a subtle fleur-de-lis weave except for a single band of black suede around the top, is a small zip-close pouch. On the other are three small open pouches. The entire purse closes with a single snap. There is very minimal, if any, wear to this purse.

Kathy Vanzeeland Fabric Print Purse