OK, so you've seen the other joggers on the site and you're saying, "But HIPS! What if I want to do some subtle MC Hammer cosplay to my Holiday dinners? What do I do then?" Well, to you I say... you can't not buy this! These are wide leg, super soft, super stretchy joggers with an elastic ankle cuff designed to give them a Harem-esque poof. The waistband is also elastic because of course you're going to crash on the couch after all that food, and the pockets are perfect for squirreling away extra rolls. Pair it with the t-shirt in the image and yell at the sports ball game without inadvertently supporting either team. Because while you like to tell the Refs how blind they are, you don't really have a stake in this amiright?


The whole outfit is available on the site.


(Also, fun story about these pants. While searching for them, google autocorrected Libian pants to lesbian pants. The results were... something. Look it up yourself and see what we mean.)

Libian Knit Joggers sz 1x