It's bling! It's leggings! No, it's blinggings! OK, so that probably won't take off, but there's no reason for you not to put these on at every opportunity! There's no pockets, alas, but purses make great food hoards, too, and we sell tons of those! Dark wash jeggings (and remember, dark wash = dressier) with pearlescent beadwork at the front and back of both ankles for a little extra kick of awesome! Lysse has some compression without the worry of really getting in the way when that sweet potato casserole comes out with the marshmallows (i.e. the way God intended), and you're no quitter, darn it!  Machine washable!


Pair it with the shirt of a thousand sequins in the first image and the houndstooth topper in the second for a classy but stashy outfit perfet for all those holiday parties!

Lysse Denim Leggings w/Bling sz L