Do you ever wish that Disco hadn't died? Don't be ashamed to admit it. Disco was pretty great, actually, and I also loved the stuff that came out as a backlash to it. It was fun, shiny, and had great movement... *transition cue*... just like this piece! (So good, right?)


This amazing jumpsuit is a shimmery black halter with a tie at the neckline for closure. There is also a hidden side zipper. The fabric itself is almost like really short fringe that, layed over one another, makes the piece look silky and shiny. There is a slit down the front from just below the neckline to the chest bone, which adds a party sexiness to the piece without being super revealing. The waistband is totally elasticated, and the legs are long and wide and flowy, almost skirt-like. Best part? POCKETS. I KNOW!!! Pair this with a great belt and some wicked shoes (flats, heels, boots, whatever!) and boogie on down this holiday season! Aside from the elastic waistband, there is no stretch, and this piece is hand wash only.

NWT Eloquii Silky Shiny Jumpsuit sz 16